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Natural, Easy & Inexpensive Face Cream Alternative

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Let's talk about a moisturizer for your face that is not only completely natural and full of nourishing qualities for your skin, but you likely already have it in your kitchen and it will cost you less than $0.01 a day!

I can't even call this a DIY face cream because you literally don't have to make a thing.

What is it? Virgin coconut oil.

Coconut oil is full of benefits for your skin:

  • Rich in vitamin E

  • Aids in wound healing

  • Excellent for keeping skin hydrated

  • Rich in fatty acids - the building blocks of healthy cell membranes

  • Antimicrobial properties which helps protect against bacterial and fungal infections (including acne!)

  • Anti-inflammatory properties which helps calm skin disorders such as contact dermatitis and eczema

How To Use Coconut Oil as Face Cream

With clean hands, scoop out a very small amount of virgin coconut oil and warm it up by rubbing your fingers together. Once melted, massage the oil onto your face. That's it!

Feel free to add skin-loving essential oils and/or vitamin E to your coconut oil for extra benefits!

Coconut oil is a fabulous, well rounded oil to use on pretty much any skin type. However, if you'd like to try oils with qualities more custom suited to your skin's needs, take a look at argan, rosehip seed, marula or jojoba oils, all with different strengths for varying needs. Jojoba oil is a personal favourite of mine!

Bonus tip: coconut oil can also be used straight up as a makeup remover! Use liberally in the same way as above, wiping off with a soft tissue afterwards.

(As always, other than links to my own products, the links included in this post will bring you to more information, not where to buy a product.)


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