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the searl family

Searl Soap Company began from a passion for getting back to basic, simple living for the sake of our bodies and planet earth. This led owner, Loni Searl, to look for companies who do better by providing natural and responsible products. It was only a matter of time until she also began to make sustainable, healthy products for her family and friends, and in time, as an option for others.

All Searl Soap products come to you in zero waste packaging and there is continual movement towards zero waste in production as well. All ingredients are sourced as locally as possible, are beneficial for you and not harmful when they go down the drain. Whenever possible, organic and non-GMO ingredients are used and you'll never receive synthetic fragrances, artificial colours or toxic chemicals. You can have confidence that every Searl Soap Company product is good for you + good for this planet we call home!

Loni lives on the west coast of Canada with her guitar-making, music-teaching husband and their three pretty fantastic kids in a home filled with music, endless talking and squealing, coffee, creativity, kids bickering, good food and tons of love. She has a passion for making changes, big and small, towards natural, simple living for the sake of our bodies and this planet we call home and is thrilled she’s not alone in this journey!

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