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Why a Soap Bag? These beauties put an end to soap bars slipping out of your hand, gently exfoliate skin while creating a great lather and are an easy, goop-less way to store soap between uses! They also provide a convenient way to use up all your soap bar remnants. These bags are a great alternative to plastic loofahs balls!


Sustainable living one choice at a time!

Soap Bag

  • Soap Bags are made from sisal, an extremely sustainable and eco friendly plant-based resource that is strong, durable, water-resistant, long-lasting and suitable for allergy sufferers. These bags are machine washable many times over and fully compostable once you're done with them!

  • Hang to dry between uses. To clean, remove your bar of soap, rinse out soap residue then toss your soap bag in the laundry. For a deep clean, sanitize in boiling water.


    It's handy to have two bags so they can rotate while one is getting cleaned.


    At the end of life, the Soap Bag is fully compostable! Cut it into smaller pieces if you'd like, then bury it in your garden or toss in your backyard compost or green bin.

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