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This vegan and gluten free Dry Shampoo is made with completely natural ingredients and hair loving essential oils for a dreamy fresh scent. Use it between washes or as a volumizer any day! It is very versatile: apply a small amount for volume or if your hair is not very oily, or apply more if it's quite oily. 


There are two shades of this silky powder to choose from depending on your hair colour, light to medium (grapefruit lime scented) or medium to dark (mint scented). Both work for all hair types! If you have red hair, the light to medium is the way to go.


The cardboard shaker tube is not only fully compostable once you're done with it, but refillable in the meantime. Refill packets are now available!


The trick with powdered dry shampoo is how to apply it. If you just tip and shake it all over your hair, you'll probably end up with a powdery haze. Check out this blog post for some tips for success!




All Searl Soap products come to you in zero waste packaging and there is continual movement towards zero waste in production as well. All ingredients used are beneficial for you and not harmful when they go down the drain. You can have confidence that every Searl Soap Company product is good for you + good for this planet we call home!

Dry Shampoo

PriceFrom C$14.00
  • This Dry Shampoo is completely natural. It’s not harmful if it absorbs through your skin or goes down the drain but actually has beneficial qualities for your hair and scalp! Only hair and skin loving essential oils are used for scent.


    The cardboard shaker tube is not only compostable or recyclable when you're done with it, but also refillable in the meantime!

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