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Eco Sponge (wood pulp + loofah)

Loofah Sponge

Whole Loofah Scrubber

Single Layer Loofah Scrubber


These fully compostable sponges and scrubbers are a simple and effective switch from plastic-based sponges and cleaning pads, with no fear of scratching delicate surfaces.


The Eco Sponge is a fabulous sponge to use with Solid Dish Soap for cleaning your dishes. A soft side (wood pulp) and gently abrasive side (loofah) give this sponge the versatility to take care of almost any mess put before it!


The Loofah Sponge has two layers of natural unbleached loofah sewn together and expands the first time it's wet. The Whole Loofah Scrubber is a 5" long slice of the unaltered dried insides of a loofah gourd. The Single Layer Loofah Scrubber is a flattened loofah with a natural underside which will expand and arch when wet. All become flexible for use when wet!


The possible uses for these sponges and scrubbers are almost endless!


🚽 Pairing any of these with Solid Dish Soap provides endless cleaning options around the house, including the bathroom and outdoors. Whatever you'd usually use a sponge for, these are up for the job!


🍏 Use any of the loofah options for cleaning hearty fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots and potatoes.


Sustainable living one choice at a time!


Click on the drop down "Product" menu to see pictures and prices of each sponge and scrubber.

Sponges + Scrubbers

PriceFrom C$3.00
  • The sponges and scrubbers are fully compostable!


    Wood pulp is a renewable and biodegradable resource made from trees and one of the most versatile raw materials available.


    Loofahs are the dried out fibrous insides of cucumber like gourds - a natural renewable resource made by drying alone!

  • Allow to air dry between uses and avoid letting them sit in water. The Loofah Sponges can be hung to dry.


    For a deep clean, place a damp sponge or scrubber in the microwave for 30 seconds, submerge in boiling water, soak in white vinegar or toss in your dishwasher.


    At the end of life, all of these are fully compostable! Cut them into smaller pieces if you'd like, then bury them in your garden or toss in your backyard compost or green bin.

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