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These bars work well for all hair types - thin or thick, straight or curly, oily or dry, long or short - and offer an incredible, luxurious lather! Each bar is double the size of most shampoo bars and replaces multiple shampoo bottles.


Why beer based? The beer provides extra health and hair benefits as well as increased lather. But don't worry, they do not smell like beer!


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All Searl Soap products come to you in zero waste packaging and there is continual movement towards zero waste in production as well. All ingredients used are beneficial for you and not harmful when they go down the drain. You can have confidence that every Searl Soap Company product is good for you + good for this planet we call home!

Shampoo Bars

  • Why beer based? The amino acids contained in the hops helps soothe irritated and inflamed skin, as well as works to coat and repair hair. The beer also contains other essential vitamins and minerals which moisturize skin and add shine to your hair.


    The oils contribute by strengthening the hair shaft and increasing hair flexibility, which decreases the chance of hair breaking. They also help create healthy hair follicles and oil production which work together to help minimize dandruff and give balanced hair volume.


    The essential oils chosen for the scents all have wonderful beneficial qualities for your skin and hair!


    This bar is completely biodegradable. No harmful chemicals will be washed down the drain.

  • Saponified olive, coconut, castor oils and cocoa butter, beer, hair loving essential oils (see below)


    Essential Oils Used

    • Rosemary Mint (peppermint, rosemary)
    • Wildflowers (lavender)
    • Lavender Mint (lavender, peppermint)
    • Tea Tree (lavender, tea tree, rosemary)


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