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Embracing minor flaws is another simple way to reduce waste. All of my products are made by hand. Because of this, sometimes a lip balm is filled just a bit too full and drips over the top or a soap has a minor cosmetic flaw like a scrape, crooked cut or slight discolouration. Or perhaps a scent didn't work out quite like I anticipated or a product was bumped around a little during a market. These perfectly imperfect products still work wonderfully!


Select the product from the drop down menu to see the discounted price. For product specific details and ingredients, please see each product page. Perfectly Imperfect products are added as they happen. Check back from time to time to see what's available!


All Searl Soap products come to you in zero waste packaging and there is continual movement towards zero waste in production as well. All ingredients used are beneficial for you and not harmful when they go down the drain. You can have confidence that every Searl Soap Company product is good for you + good for this planet we call home!

Perfectly Imperfect

PriceFrom C$7.15
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