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Solid Dish Soap is available in designer bowls with three glaze options to choose from to match your decor. Not only will these bowls look beautiful in your kitchen, but they are also easily refillable by purchasing a refill puck perfectly shaped for your bowl (choose "Refill Puck" and your scent choice and the discounted price will be reflected).


Solid dish soap is a fantastic zero waste option. It's gentler on hands than conventional dish soaps and causes no environmental harm when it goes down the drain. It lathers beautifully and cleans up all those foody messes.


And it can be used for so much more than just your day-to-day dishes, pots and pans!


Use your solid dish soap as a multipurpose cleaner around your kitchen and bathroom, scrubbing down your stovetop (any kind!), disinfecting after preparing meat, for cleaning your makeup brushes, small paint brushes, and so much more. It's also a great option to bring along camping. The possibilities are almost endless!


How to Use Solid Dish Soap (click on link)


Each bowl has its own unique glaze effect so it may look slightly different from the photos. The light earth toned has the most variety, ranging from a beautiful pale blue with tan accents to mostly light brown with green and blue undertones. If you have a preference, please let me know in the comments of your order.


200g of soap


All Searl Soap products come to you in zero waste packaging and there is continual movement towards zero waste in production as well. All ingredients used are beneficial for you and not harmful when they go down the drain. You can have confidence that every Searl Soap Company product is good for you + good for this planet we call home!

Solid Dish Soap Bowl

PriceFrom C$16.00
  • Knowing you’ll be eating off those clean dishes later on means no chemical residue added to your meal.


    The soap is a gentle-for-your-skin alternative to conventional dishwashing liquid. It even benefits your skin due to the vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and proteins contained in the coconut oil.


    Your ceramic bowl can be refilled and reused by purchasing a refill puck!


    The soap is completely biodegradable. No harmful chemicals will be washed down the drain.

  • Saponified organic coconut oil, essential oils (see below)


    Essential Oils Used

    • Lemon Drops (peppermint, lemon, litsea)
    • Lemon Lime (lime, lemon, litsea)
    • Lavender (lavender)
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